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Search In Setting Plugin


This plugin helps administrators to search for setting items from Admin page of a question2answer page - the search box works similarly to Chrome browser preference search feature.


  • Add search box to admin page
  • Search and show results in another page
  • Navigate to admin site/sub-page that contains the corresponding setting

Installation - In brief

  1. Install question2answer site
  2. Add search-in-setting plugin to the site by copying to qa-plugin folder
  3. Turn it on via Plugins and Layout site under Admin page
  4. Done

Installation - Full steps

Install question2answer site

  1. Install your q2a site by following guide

Add **search-in-setting* plugin*

  1. Get the source code for this plugin from github
  2. Copy it to %q2aHOME%qa-plugin folder

Turn it on 1 of 2 - via Plugins

  1. Go to Admin -> Plugins page of your installed question2answer site, we will see all plugins are listed here
  2. Locate Search In Setting, select options, make sure Enable this plugin is checked, and hit Save Changes

Turn it on 2 of 2 - via Layout

  1. Go to Admin -> Layout, the widget Search In Setting should be listed there under Available widgets
  2. Hit Add widget to add our search box to the content layout
  3. Select where to display it in Position e.g. 'Main area - Top'
  4. Check the following page checkboxes to select pages to display e.g. 'Show widget in this position on all available pages' for all pages
  5. Hit Save options


In Admin - General page, at Preferred site URL, the URL of your q2a home page should be copied there correctly.

E.g. If your published page is at, then this exact URL should be used in Preferred site URL box.

This helps to display the search result page properly.


The translation file is qa-search-setting-lang-default.php.

Copy this file and rename it to qa-search-setting-lang-<your_language_code>.php e.g. qa-search-setting-lang-vi.php for Vietnamese.

One translation sample as below.

'placeholder_text'=>'Search Setting', in English to be translated to Vietnamese by 'placeholder_text'=>'Tìm kiếm cài đặt',

See here for more details on q2a translation


This is the first version, and it run well on question2answer version 1.7

About Question2Answer

Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for Q&A sites. For more information, visit