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package progfun
object CourseraData extends Utilities {
private val lines = Source.fromFile("dat/progfun.tsv").getLines.toList
val users: List[User] = { line =>
val xs = line.split("\t").toList
xs(1), // age
xs(23), // country
xs(2), // degree, can be "other" & optionally filled in by user
xs(3), // field of study, can be "other" & optionally filled in by user
xs(4) == "Yes", // finishedCourse?
xs(5), // years programming
xs(6), // time spent per week working on course
xs(7).toInt, // difficulty of course
xs(21).toInt, // difficulty of homeworks (programming assignments)
xs(8).toInt, // was the course worth it?
xs(9).toInt, // level of interest in a follow-up course?
xs(19), // what interested in you in taking the course?
xs(20), // where do you plan to apply what you have learned?
xs(10), // what is your preferred editor in general? can be "other"
xs(11), // what editor did you use in the course? can be "other"
xs(12), // experience with Java?
xs(13), // experience with C/C++/Objective-C?
xs(14), // experience with Python or other scripting language?
xs(15), // experience with .NET?
xs(17), // experience with JavaScript?
xs(18), // experience with purely functional languages?
xs(22) // experience with Lisp/Scheme dialects?
val total = users.length
val didntFinish = users.filter(user => !user.finishedCourse)
val ages =
val countries =
val degrees =
val fields =
val finishedCourse =
val yearsProg =
val timeSpent =
val difficulty =
val difficultyHW =
val worthIt =
val followupCourse =
val whatInterestedYou =
val whereApply =
val prefEditor =
val courseEditor =
val javaExp =
val cExp =
val pythonExp =
val dotNetExp =
val jsExp =
val funcExp =
val lispExp =
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