A task queue that uses a thread pool to complete tasks in parallel.
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TaskQueue is a header-only library for executing tasks in parallel with a thread pool built with Boost.

How to use it

To use it all you need to do is copy taskqueue.hpp to your source tree and link against Boost threads and asio libraries.

There are no docs, only a working example for computing a brute-force lookup table to invert hashed passwords using all the cores available on your machine. Here's a brief snippet as an example... but check the demo for the full details.

//Creates a task queue with a pool of 4 worker threads
TaskQueue<HashStringTask> queue(4);

// Add task to the work queue...  A call may block until there is an available thread in the pool to accept the task.
queue.QueueTask(HashStringTask("string a"));
queue.QueueTask(HashStringTask("string b"));
queue.QueueTask(HashStringTask("string c"));
queue.QueueTask(HashStringTask("string d"));
queue.QueueTask(HashStringTask("string e"));

// Returns the number of tasks that are queued but not yet completed.
int num_pending = queue.NumPendingTasks();

// Returns the number of completed tasks.
int num_complete = queue.NumCompletedTasks();

// Returns true if there are any completed tasks.
bool has_completed_tasks = queue.TasksCompleted();

// Returns the result of a completed task.  
HashStringTaskResult result = queue.GetCompletedTaskResult();

How to compile and run demo

  1. Get the code
git clone git://github.com/heathkh/taskqueue.git

The repo is large because the demo includes boost for convenience and some unit test libraries for continuous integration testing.

  1. If not installed, install tools to compile code (gcc, CMake)
apt-get install g++ cmake libssl-dev
  1. Run the demo script to compile and run the test binary.
cd taskqueue; chmod +x ./compile_and_run_test.sh; ./compile_and_run_test.sh 


Author: Kyle Heath (cmakesnap [at] gmail)

Current test status: Build Status