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2010-08-29 Heavens hell <>
* Change version number.
* Use spl_autoload_register and load() insted of __autload function.
2010-08-08 Heavens hell <>
* Change version number.
* Add setControllerDirectoryName() enable to set controller directory name.
* Add getControllerDirectoryName() enable to get controller directory name.
* Add setActionDirectoryName() enable to set action directory name.
* Add getActionDirectoryName() enable to get action directory name.
2010-08-05 Heavens hell <>
* Change Testing framework PHPUnit.
* Change split() to explode().
2009-01-07 Heavens hell <>
* Add __call method in Net_URL_Dispatcher class.
* Add __call specs in DispatcherSpec.php.
* Fixed typo arraty to array in Net_URL_Dispatcher _match method's comment.
* Fixed Missing return value in Net_URL_Dispatcher dispatchAction method.
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