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Silex Net_KyotoTycoon extension
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Silex \Net\KyotoTycoon extension.

This extension is for the Silex microframework enables to use Kyoto Tycoon.

    require_once 'silex.phar';
    require_once dirname(__DIR__) . '/src/KyotoTycoonExtension.php';

    $zendpath = getenv('KT_PATH');

    $app = new Silex\Application();
    $app->register(new \KyotoTycoonExtension(), array(
        'kt.class_path' => $ktpath,
        'kt.options'    => array('port' => 19780)

    $app->get('/set', function () use ($app) {
        $client = $app['kt.client'];
        $client->set('test', 'ok');

        return json_encode(true);

    $app->get('/get', function () use ($app) {
        $client = $app['kt.client'];
        $result = $client->get('test');

        return json_encode($result);

    if (getenv('SILEX_TEST')) {
        return $app;

Set \Net\KyotoTycoon library to your include_path
Run Kyoto Tycoon with port 19780 before you run examples or tests
  $ ktserver -port 19780

- Running examples
  Add SetEnv KT_PATH /Path/To/include_path to .htaccess
- Running tests
  export KT_PATH=/Path/To/include_path

See more detail 
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