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Heavybit's Content Policy

  • Heavybit aims to help startups take developer products to market and as such, treats its content as a valuable educational resource. While we reserve the right to manage, publish and unpublish our content at will, we strive to publish content that is factually accurate and useful to our broader community. Here’s how we approach our content:

  • We never deliberately distort facts or context, but do frequently publish testimonial, evergreen tactical pieces, and opinion editorial from experts that subscribe to a “right way to build developer products”. While not everyone will agree with this POV, the experts we work with have a proven track record of success in their area of expertise.

  • We take care in the accuracy of our work and verify information and the motivation of our expert network before releasing our content. This means we fact check their claims via trusted sources including our advisory team, academic citations and attribution, and public reference in major industry events and media.

  • Before publishing content, every expert we feature is required to sign a waiver in order to release their content.

  • Once published, in the event we are notified of an error, we investigate further sources via those same trusted sources listed above and if it is determined necessary, we revise/retract content promptly to correct any errors. From here, we notify the featured expert of any changes.

  • We only unpublish or update content if it’s deemed factually inaccurate, inappropriate, or if by association with a speaker or contributor, damages Heavybit’s commitment to an inclusive and participatory culture. We do not engage in historical revisionism, post-production PR-related omissions or edits, nor do we knowingly edit our content to mislead the audience.

If you have further questions about this policy email


Heavybit's content and fact checking policy




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