The Developer Marketing Guide. You've got a great product, let's get the word out.
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The Developer Marketing Guide

The Developer Marketing Guide is a Heavybit Community Project. Our goal is to collect the best resources for developer marketing in one place, to encourage a conversation about what works, what doesn't, and why, and to openly share that knowledge with the developer company community.


Do you have something to add? We encourage you to share your knowledge by submitting a pull request, opening an issue, or emailing your edits and suggestions to us directly at Add links to great talks or blog posts, suggest different approaches and new tools, offer case studies and stories of your wins (and losses!). If it will make us better developer marketers, we want to hear about it.

Running Locally

This site is built with Jekyll. Install Jekyll, clone the master branch and build the site using bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl This will allow you to view your changes locally at localhost:4000 before submitting a pull-request.

About and License

The Developer Marketing Guide is built on Jekyll and hosted by Netlify. The site is based on the Grayscale bootstrap theme

Read the site license here.