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Heavybit's Office Hours and Group Session Guide

There’s a right way to take your developer and enterprise product to market. But it’s hard and constantly evolving. That’s why Heavybit’s Advisors are people with a current and successful track record of dev, enterprise or SaaS company success. Our Advisors help our member companies tackle their biggest challenges - namely, user acquisition, sales and scaling to the enterprise.

How Can I Contribute?

  • Office Hours (2 hour block, morning): We ask advisors to block off one morning to speak on a specific topic area where current members need support and pre-brief the advisor. We then ask for additional feedback.
  • Group Sessions (2 hour block, morning): We ask advisors to block off one morning and then ask for pre-event required reading, you offer a summary at the beginning of the session, and use the work session call as a roundtable for 4 founders to ask questions. In return for this commitment, we offer group session and office hour advisors a chance to give back, a chance to see new technology as it emerges, and a chance to meet early stage portfolio companies.

What Differentiates Our Advisors?:

  • Operators: They are Founders and Early Executives at developer, enterprise, and B2B SaaS cos and have worked on this type of go-to-market strategy.
  • Stage-Appropriate Domain Experts: They have an understanding of early startup process and strategy and have acted within Series Seed, Series A and Series B companies within the last 2 years.

Common Topics

The following is a list of challenges our founders frequently need support on:

  • Developer Product Design: In service of product validation,, members struggle to improve early onboarding, documentation, API + CLI design, building a commercial roadmap, define pricing and packaging, and measure the product activity metrics that matter.
  • Developer Marketing: As user acquisition is a clear indication of early product-market fit, members must build early personas and messaging, identify key inbound channels, automate early nurturing, track MQLs, build launch strategy and feature rollout, and automate demand generation and nurturing.
  • Developer Sales: Members need revenue to continue to scale their business. They’re looking for help in defining a repeatable revenue generation engine including qualifying sales, mapping the funnel, identifying the buyer persona and journey, building quotas, and hiring/training in an area where most are inexperienced.


Advisors also sometimes contribute because they are considering new job opportunities, are curious about formal board advisor roles, or are building new consulting businesses. We ask that advisors disclose any potential conflicts or material gain before beginning conversations with our members.


Heavybit's Guide for Office Hours and Group Sessions



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