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Heavybit's Presentation and Speaking Guide
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Heavybit Speaker Series Guide

Heavybit helps its member companies take developer products to market. Members like Stripe, PagerDuty and RainforestQA look to our advisors, alumni and staff to help shape their businesses. As part of this program, we host evening presentations in the Heavybit Clubhouse (325 Ninth St., SF, CA). The event includes dinner at 6pm, and a 1 hour program (including Q&A). Your audience includes:

  • ONSITE: 30-50 founders and employees at developer companies -- generally those who work on engineering, product, product marketing, evangelism, early sales and ops.
  • ONLINE: 50-60K video viewers specifically interested in learning about topics relevant to Series Seed to Series B developer and enterprise company go-to-market

Formats We Accept

  • Speaker Series
    • 30 Min Presentations w/ 30 Min Q&A
    • 30 Min Fireside Chats w/ 30 Min Q&A
    • 30 Min Panels (up to 3 panel participants and 1 moderator) w/ 30 Min Q&A

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Submissions

Note: While we appreciate the offer to contribute to Heavybit, we also reserve the right to refuse submissions. In some cases, suggested topics are inappropriate to our stage of company, or a topic has been presented in the past. We do not accept product pitches, breaking news, pieces targeted at a specific individual or hyper-specific situation, or anything counter to our Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to edit or unpublish speaker video based on our content and fact checking policy.

The Best Speakers Offer

  • A Strong POV: You believe there is a right way to build developer companies and communities. Offer that opinion and use specific early-stage examples from developer and SaaS companies to persuade us.
  • Tactical Advice: Offer tips, metrics, best practices, tools and resources. We want to implement your advice this week. What can our teams implement today that isn’t already well-known?
  • Personal Stories: Forget sweeping generalizations and abstract concepts. Where possible, we want to hear about your real failures and successes. Get personal and give us insider knowledge about a major company or project. Slides with examples of specific strategy docs, user flow models, and real campaigns are super useful.
  • A Tailored and Well-Structured Presentation: Offer a logical progression and framework, peppered with examples related to developer companies and products. Talks often include an intro, a problem statement or POV, supporting examples/points, and a take away/conclusion slide.


  • Panelists & Fireside: Typically it’s the job of the moderator to provide you with questions ahead of your talk. We’ll also leave about 30 min for audience questions and end on a final question from the moderator -- namely, what final tips do you you have for those in the room?
  • Presenters: You’ll use your laptop to present a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation to onsite attendees in an aspect ratio of 4:3. We ask that you send slides ahead of the event as we embed this version in our video player. Onsite we’ve got dongles for a variety of machines, but if you need the use of one of our machines we can provide that as well.


Advisors and writers sometimes contribute because they are considering new job opportunities, are curious about formal board advisor roles, or are building new consulting businesses. We require that you disclose any potential conflicts or potential material gain before posting or engaging in an advisory relationship with our members.

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