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Heavybit's Writing Guide

Heavybit's accelerator educates Series Seed and Series A founders of developer and enterprise product companies. Specifically, we teach them about scaling their product, team, marketing, and sales operations, and generally improving their overall go-to-market. If you're interested in submitting a guest post to our blog, visit Heavybit's Contributor Page

Topics We Accept

Content we accept is educational, actionable, inclusive, based on real experience, and is stage-appropriate to Heavybit's Seed to Series B developer company founder audience. This includes:

  • User Onboarding & Product: Product Launches, DX, documentation, API design, user engagement, empty states etc.
  • Pricing: Rollouts, tiered and metered pricing, value-based pricing, general packaging, commercial strategies for open source
  • User Acquisition: Evangelism,  Content Marketing, Events
  • Enterprise Product : API Management, Security, Data Management, SLAs, Governance, Performance, Architecture Trends
  • Enterprise Marketing & Sales: GTM Ops, Demand Gen, Lead Gen, nurturing, SEM/SEO, technical sales compensation, articles written from the perspective of a first TAM, SDR, SE.
  • General Management, Hiring and People Ops as they concern devops, developer and enterprise companies

Formats We Accept

  • Technology trend stories and roundups (frameworks/tools/languages)
  • Best practice and How-to articles
  • Post mortems
  • Opinion editorial related to developer and enterprise startups
  • Q&A interviews with well-known industry founders or experts
  • Event wrap-ups

We Reserve the Right to Edit or Refuse Submissions

Note: While we appreciate the offer to contribute to Heavybit, we also reserve the right to refuse submissions. In some cases, suggested topics are inappropriate to our stage of company, or a topic has been presented in the past. We do not accept product pitches, breaking news, pieces targeted at a specific individual or hyper-specific situation, or anything counter to our ,Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to edit submissions based on our content and fact checking policy.


  • All submitted content will be shared to the Heavybit community through social channels, our newsletters, our Slack teams, and as direct reference materials to accelerator companies and prospects
  • Upon submission of your final draft, Heavybit will schedule the post for publishing and provide at least 5 days of lead time to you and your teams to help coordinate any shared promotions. We encourage you to share your posts to your own networks.
  • Content can be republished on your company or personal site two weeks after being live on our site, but you must use a canonical link pointing back to the piece on the Heavybit site.

General Deliverables

  • Length: We accept posts that range from 500 to 2,000 words.
    • Longer blog posts allow for more examples, indepth analysis, and are more likely to be syndicated by developer media outlets
  • Citations, Links, and Relationships: Where applicable, add links to existing Heavybit content, 3rd party sources, evidence, and reports to strengthen your post. We reserve the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link attached to words or images before or after publication. Do not link to any questionable sources such as pharmaceutical companies, casinos, payday loans, or pornography. Buying, selling, or trading links that appear in posts is strictly prohibited.

Style Guide

  • Heavybit is all one word, with no camel case
  • Spell out numbers one through nine and using figures for numbers 10 and up
  • Use a person's full name on the first reference
  • Express time as a figure followed by AM or PM eg. 8:33AM
  • Use figures for percentages eg. 50%
  • Use one space after all punctuation.
  • Use the Oxford comma when offering a list eg. Her expertise was in content, field marketing, and demand generation.
  • Headers use H2 tags and sub-headers use H3 and H4 tags
  • Remove any span or div tags


Advisors and writers sometimes contribute because they are considering new job opportunities, are curious about formal board advisor roles, or are building new consulting businesses. We require that you disclose any potential conflicts or potential material gain before posting or engaging in an advisory relationship with our members.


Heavybit's Style + Writing Guide



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