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A simple NodeJS binding to the libqrencode C library written by Kentaro Fukuchi ( At the moment, only an encoder is provided. I'm still looking for a suitable library for decoding.
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Node QR

node-qr is a simple NodeJS binding to the libqrencode C library written by Kentaro Fukuchi (


To use node-qr, you will first need to install the libqrencode C library

For Mac OS X (assumed MacPorts installed)

port install qrencode

For Ubuntu Linux

apt-get install qrencode

Others (see instructions on site)

Node-qr is available in the Node Package Manager (NPM)

npm install qr


Currently node-qr only comes with an encoder. The usage is simple

encoder.encode(value, path = null, options = {});

First, require the module

var Encoder = require('qr').Encoder;
var encoder = new Encoder;

The following example will encode a given value and emit an 'end' event with PNG data upon completion

// add an event listener for the 'end' event
// which fires upon encoding completion
encoder.on('end', function(png_data){
    // png_data is an instance of Buffer
    // do something
encoder.encode('some value');

Alternatively, you can pass a file path for the PNG data to be saved to

encoder.on('end', function(){
    // if you specify a file path, nothing will be passed to the end listener
    // do something
encoder.encode('some value', '/tmp/my_qr_file.png');

If at any time an error occurs, an 'error' event will be emitted

encoder.on('error', function(err){
    // err is an instance of Error
    // do something

See the tests in test/qr.js for more ways to use the encoder.

Encoder Options

The following options can be passed via the third argument of the encode method, which should be an object

  • dot_size: specify the size of dot (pixel). (default=3)
  • margin: specify the width of margin. (default=4)
  • level: specify error collectin level from L (lowest) to H (highest). (default=L)
  • case_sensitive: ignore case distinctions and use only upper-case characters. (default=true)
  • version: specify the version of the symbol. (default=1)

For more information around options, see the docs provided for the libqrencoder library here

Feedback/Pull Requests

Feedback and pull requests are always welcomed. This is a work-in-progress. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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