This plugin when used in conjunction with the paperclip file attachment plugin allows you to attach more than one file to the model. (This project is no longer maintained and it is looking for a good home)
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This plugin allows users of the Paperclip plugin to easily share attached files between
multiple models. Essentially, polymorphic paperclip transparently saves the attached files
into a separate asset’s table and associates the the model to the asset through a polymorphic
attachings table.

The Paperclip Plugin must also be installed for PolyMorphicPaperclip to work.
Get paperclip here:


class PhotoEssay < ActiveRecord::Base

You can also add a counter_cache to your model if you wish.

class Essay < ActiveRecord::Base
acts_as_polymorphic_paperclip :counter_cache => true

essay.assets.asset.detach -or- @essay.assets.detach(asset)

Helper methods

There is one helper method so far used to determine if the asset can be displayed in a browser

@essay.assets.first.browser_safe? # => returns true or false

Copyright © 2008 PolymorphicPaperclip Mark Daggett, released under the MIT license