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For installation and getting started please read the Installation page.
There is also a helpful tutorial at: Getting Started

What PaperclipPolymorph Does (an example use case).

Paperclippolymorph lets you “attach” multiple files (images, files, pdfs, etc), otherwise known as “assets” to various items you have models for.
For example suppose I had a tattoo shop website. I would like to display artists profiles and pictures of tattoos done by the artists. I would create a model for “Artists” and a model for “Tattoos” and use a relationship of “has_many” to relate the two models. Artists has_many :tattoos

But I want each tattoo resource to have many images so artists can take multiple shots of any one tattoo and be able to display them all.
Also each artist should have a “profile” where multiple images of himself, his work space, or other inspirations could be displayed. In other words I want to “attach” many “assets” to both “artists” and “tattoos” and display them.

Note the terminology used here: An “asset” is an image, pdf, or other “attaching” that you add via a form upload and can be “attached” to a resource (something you have a model for). To “detach” an asset is to remove it from the resource while “attach” is to add it to a resource.

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