Allow user to run web app under mod_wsgi and allow user to specify a custom port for Apache vhost #16

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Kami commented Sep 4, 2012

This pull requests adds two features:

  • Allow user to specify a custom port for the Apache vhost (node[:graphite][:graphite_web][:port] attribute)
  • Add support for running webapp using mod_wsgi (node[:graphite][:graphite_web][:use_mod_wsgi] attribute)

People have been discouraged from using mod_python for years now (project is dead, bad performance, multiple bugs and issues, etc.), but this cookbook still uses it.

I added a new attribute which allows you to use this cookbook with mod_wsgi. Because mod_python is dead we should eventually fully remove support for mod_python. For now I kept the support there so people don't have problems with migrations.

dje and others added some commits Feb 20, 2011
@dje dje initial graphite cookbook 9475e9f
@dje dje link to Graphite a55245b
@bleything bleything rejigger default whisper schemas
 * adds Etsy's statsd schema with their recommended retentions
 * renames the default config to 'catchall' and sets the priority to 0
@dje dje add python-twisted dependency 6ac20e1
@dje dje Merge branch 'master' of i…
…nto bleything-master
@dje dje graphite cookbook version bump ea5aed0
@dje dje integrate ganglia and graphite 0a1e1e4
@dje dje version bump 6148905
@dje dje Document graphite/ganglia integration just a bit. 36e2179
@dje dje graphite listen on localhost by default f1235cf
@dje dje graphite version bump d8dca64
@luckymike luckymike Update to graphite version 0.9.9, allow ganglia web interface to run …
…as well as graphite.
@luckymike luckymike Removed ganglia recipe. To setup graphite with ganglia see https://gi… d8789df
@dje dje remove metadata.json d9ed236
@dje dje set graphite admin password script dc51133
@dje dje carbon cache upstart configuration 38dd8ca
@dje dje document graphite root password c8a21d1
@dje dje tidy up 2341bf9
@dje dje set default graphite root password efa8448
@dje dje update graphite.db for 0.9.9. this is still a weak idea. 7c33d78
@dje dje use upstart to control carbon-cache daemon process 45b7f41
@dje dje default root graphite password attribute 708ffac
@dje dje bump graphite cookbook version 1948e4e
@rkrol rkrol Set www-data as owner of /opt/graphite/storage/whisper directory to f…
…ix access problem
@dje dje Merge pull request #1 from rkrol/master
Set www-data as owner on /opt/graphite/storage/whisper directory to fix access problem
@dje dje Bump version b25c080
@dje dje convert to markdown 358eb54
@dje dje long description reference 5d21908
@fujin fujin carbon-cache: runit support 00b06a7
@webframp webframp Merge pull request #2 from heavywater/feature/carbon-cache-runit
Runit support
@fujin fujin Add runit support, tune storage schemas 98bc7f3
Darrin Eden Merge pull request #3 from heavywater/feature/tuned-graphite
Extracted tuning from production deployment
spazm commented on 98bc7f3 Mar 9, 2012

What does the new retention represent? Why the switch?


60:565920 => minute data for 393 days.


  60:100800 => 60 seconds per data point for 100800 data points => 1 minute data for 70 days.
  900:6300 => 15 minutes per data point for 6300 data points => 15 minute data for 65.6 days.
fujin replied Mar 9, 2012

We were experimenting with different values, it should really be attribute controlled.

Kami commented Sep 4, 2012

@heavywater ping. I'm pinging you because I see other pull requests without any feedback from you.


Pull request #18 implements the port attribute as node['graphite']['listen_port'].

However, mod_wsgi could be nifty.

@webframp webframp closed this Jun 2, 2013
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