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smith commented Mar 25, 2012

  • Install the bins from the whisper source into /opt/graphite/bin
  • Put an array of storage schemas, to be written to storage-schemas.conf, in the attributes. These use etsy's known defaults for statsd, but not sure if that should be the default.
  • Restart carbon when the storage conf changes. Not sure how necesarry this is, but ideally it would run with the new defaults (and you wouldn't run out of disk space ;) )

dje and others added some commits Feb 20, 2011

rejigger default whisper schemas
 * adds Etsy's statsd schema with their recommended retentions
 * renames the default config to 'catchall' and sets the priority to 0
Merge pull request #1 from rkrol/master
Set www-data as owner on /opt/graphite/storage/whisper directory to fix access problem
Darrin Eden
Merge pull request #3 from heavywater/feature/tuned-graphite
Extracted tuning from production deployment

spazm commented on 98bc7f3 Mar 9, 2012

What does the new retention represent? Why the switch?


60:565920 => minute data for 393 days.


  60:100800 => 60 seconds per data point for 100800 data points => 1 minute data for 70 days.
  900:6300 => 15 minutes per data point for 6300 data points => 15 minute data for 65.6 days.

fujin replied Mar 9, 2012

We were experimenting with different values, it should really be attribute controlled.

+ :name => :catchall,
+ :priority => 0,
+ :pattern => '^.*',
+ :retentions => '10s:6h,1m:7d,10m:5y'

smith Mar 25, 2012

This format is new in Graphite 0.9.9, but if you're using an older version you could set older defaults.

viralshah referenced this pull request in viralshah/chef-graphite Sep 27, 2012

Merge pull request #5 from viralshah/master
Adding as a template

@webframp webframp closed this Jun 2, 2013

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