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Note: We are now using GitHub releases to keep track of binaries. Go there to get the latest downloads.

These are pre-packaged files that allow you to easily install the program, rather than getting it directly from the GitHub Repository.

Note: these downloads may be outdated. They do not provide automatic updates either.


Get the Windows .exe file from Google drive

Note: If you use McAfee the program might not install. This is a known error and we are working on it

This version was uploaded on 2018-04-16, and the latest commit it includes is 59cb24f by @MasterOfTheTiger.


There are four different files we have for Linux.

These packages are from 2018-04-20, the latest commit was 556f3eb

The .deb file can be installed on any Debian based distribution (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pure OS). The .rpm file can be installed on any Red Hat based distribution (e.g. RHEL, Fedora, Cent OS). The .AppImage file is not actually installed, it is simply clicked to run. It works on any distribution.

Snap packages have automatic updates, and have the ability to get the latest features. Installing by running sudo snap install heb12 --edge. The edge branch updates for every commit.


We do not currently have a package for macOS, you can help us out by making one with the instructions found in the packaging page. Note: you must be running macOS to build for macOS.

This wiki is of low quality. Please help if you can.

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