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Translation for generate:plugin:rules:dataprocessor command (#192)

* Replace wrong help text for debug.test.yml

* Add generate.plugin.rules.dataprocessor translation file
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LOBsTerr authored and enzolutions committed Apr 8, 2019
1 parent d6c5d6f commit 13a36592ca214602811a9d5a1ec3d7def049d7e2
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  1. +24 −0 translations/generate.plugin.rules.dataprocessor.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
description: 'Generate a plugin rule dataprocessor'
help: 'The <info>generate:plugin:rules:dataprocessor</info> command helps you generate a new Plugin rule dataprocessor.'
welcome: 'Welcome to the Drupal Plugin Rules Dataprocessor generator'
module: common.options.module
class: 'Plugin class name'
label: 'Plugin label'
plugin-id: 'Plugin id'
category: 'Plugin category'
context: 'Plugin context'
type: 'Dataprocessor Type (user or node)'
module: 'Enter the module name'
class: 'Enter the plugin class name'
label: 'Enter the plugin label'
plugin-id: 'Enter the plugin id'
- description: 'Generate a user rule dataprocessor plugin specifying the module name, the class, its label, the plugin id, the type, the category and its context'
execution: |
drupal generate:plugin:rules:dataprocessor \
--module="modulename" \
--class="DefaultDataprocessor" \
--label="Default dataprocessor" \
--plugin-id="default_dataprocessor" \

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