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[debug:module] Remove keys (#247)

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harold20 authored and enzolutions committed Aug 5, 2019
1 parent 8de2a0d commit 528200806ee94d0acf4cb8c45c0b8e1aca525a31
Showing with 3 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +3 −7 translations/debug.module.yml
@@ -13,12 +13,8 @@ messages:
uninstalled: Uninstalled
version: Version
schema-version: 'Schema version'
total-downloads: 'Total installs'
total-monthly: 'Monthly installs'
total-daily: 'Daily installs'
no-results: 'Module "%s" was not found in the repository'
- description: 'Display all installed modules'
execution: 'drupal mod --status=installed'
- description: 'Display all installed and no core modules'
execution: 'drupal mod --status=installed --type=no-core'
execution: 'drupal debug:module --status=installed'
- description: 'Display all installed and no core modules with alias'
execution: 'drupal dm --status=installed --type=no-core'

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