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Remove strings for composer option (#246)

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harold20 authored and enzolutions committed Aug 2, 2019
1 parent 78aa6bd commit 8de2a0dcc2e109502e124272901662af535f2ce6
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@@ -4,8 +4,6 @@ arguments:
latest: 'Default to download most recent version'
path: 'The path of the contrib project'
composer: 'Option to point out that the module will be downloaded, managed & installed by Composer'
unstable: 'Module unstable'
path: 'Enter the contrib project Path'
@@ -16,8 +14,6 @@ messages:
select-release: 'Please select your favorite release'
outside-drupal: 'Drupal root can''t be determined. Use --root to set the destination, current folder will be used instead of.'
error-creating-folder: 'Error creating folder "%s", please check your permissions'
no-composer-repo: 'Please, configure Composer in ~/.console/config.yml'
composer: 'Module "%s" was downloaded successfully using Composer'
- description: 'Download module specifying module name and its path'
execution: |
@@ -2,8 +2,6 @@ description: 'Download theme in application'
version: 'Theme version i.e 1.x-dev'
theme: 'the Theme name'
composer: 'Use --composer option for manage the theme download with Composer'
no-releases: 'There aren''t any releases for theme "%s"'
getting-releases: 'Getting releases for theme "%s"'

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