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Translations for generate:plugin:validationconstraint command (#172)

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LOBsTerr authored and jmolivas committed Apr 21, 2018
1 parent df5445e commit b2d6bb39c827ab3d31e8190ed82ea0f1e58f3a5c
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description: 'Generate a validation constraint plugin.'
help: 'The <info>generate:plugin:validationconstraint</info> command helps you generate a new validation constraint plugin.'
welcome: 'Welcome to the Drupal Validation Constraint Plugin generator'
class: 'Plugin class name'
label: 'Plugin label'
plugin-id: 'Plugin id'
hook: 'Generate hook to validate a field'
bundle: 'Bundle'
field-id: 'Field id'
class: 'Enter the plugin class name'
label: 'Enter the plugin label'
plugin-id: 'Enter the plugin id'
hook: 'Do you want to generate a hook to validate a field?'
bundle: 'Enter entity bundle'
field-id: 'Enter field id'
- description: 'Generate a validation constraint plugin specifying the module name, the class, its label, the plugin id, the entity bundle and the field id'
execution: |
drupal generate:plugin:validationconstraint \
--module="modulename" \
--class="ExampleConstraint" \
--label="Example validation constraint" \
-plugin-id="example_validation_constraint" \
--hook \
--field-id="field_exmaple_id" \
--bundle="entity_example_bundle" \

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