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Add translation for generate:composer command (#199)

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LOBsTerr authored and enzolutions committed Apr 10, 2019
1 parent fc89349 commit bb6312ece0f39be7ac2fdaaef6e7d01312c090e0
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  1. +58 −0 translations/generate.composer.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,58 @@
description: 'Generate a composer.json file'
help: 'The <info>"%s"</info> command helps you generate a new composer.json file'
welcome: 'Welcome to the Drupal Composer file generator'
module: common.options.module
name: 'Package name'
type: 'Package type'
description: 'Package description'
keywords: 'Package keywords'
license: 'License'
homepage: 'Project homepage'
minimum-stability: 'Mininmal stability'
authors: 'Authors of the project'
support: 'Support channels'
required: 'Required packages'
module: common.questions.module
name: 'Enter package name'
type: 'Enter package type'
description: 'Enter package description'
add-keywords: 'Do you want to add package keywords?'
keyword: 'Enter a keyword or press <info>enter</info> to continue'
license: 'Enter license information'
homepage: 'Enter project homepage'
minimum-stability: 'Enter mininmal stability (stable, dev, alpha, beta and RC)'
add-author: 'Do you want to add authors of the project?'
add-another-author: 'Do you want to add another authors of the project?'
author-name: 'Enter author name or press <info>enter</info> to skip it'
author-email: 'Enter author email or press <info>enter</info> to skip it'
author-homepage: 'Enter author homepage or press <info>enter</info> to skip it'
author-role: 'Enter author role or press <info>enter</info> to skip it'
add-support: 'Do you want to add information about support channels?'
add-another-support: 'Do you want to add another information about support channels?'
support-channel: 'Enter support channel (email, issues, forum, wiki, irc, source, docs, rss)'
support-value: 'Enter support channel value'
add-required: 'Do you want to add required packages for the project?'
add-another-required: 'Do you want to add another required packages for the project?'
required-name: 'Enter required package name'
required-version: 'Enter required package version'
description-for-menu: 'A description for the menu entry'
- description: 'Generate composer file specifying the module machine name, package name, package type, package description, keywords, lincense, homepage, minimum stability, authors, support channels and required packages'
execution: |
drupal generate:composer \
--module="module_name" \
--name="drupal/module_name" \
--type="drupal-module" \
--description="Package description" \
--keywords='Drupal' --keywords='logging' \
--license="GPL-2.0+" \
--homepage="" \
--minimum-stability="stable" \
--authors='"name":"Author name", "email":"", "homepage":"", "role":"Developer"' \
--support='"channel":"email", "url":""' \
--support='"channel":"source", "url":""' \
--required='"name":"drupal/views", "version":"^1.0"' \
--required='"name":"drupal/token", "version":"^2.0"'

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