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Add db-url translation (#213)

* Add db-url translation

* Add example to install with db url
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harold20 authored and enzolutions committed May 16, 2019
1 parent adc0959 commit d1d9f68f17c9179b4a320274a18e7e13b8bcfc9a
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  1. +12 −0 translations/site.install.yml
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ description: 'Install a Drupal project'
profile: 'Drupal Profile to be installed'
langcode: 'Drupal language'
db-url: 'Use Database url to the installation instead of using the options. (Sqlite is not supported)'
db-type: 'Drupal Database type to be used in install'
db-file: 'Drupal Database file to be used in install'
site-name: 'Drupal site name'
@@ -30,6 +31,8 @@ messages:
sites-backup: 'The sites.php file has temporarily been renamed to backup.sites.php while Drupal installs.'
sites-restore: 'The backup of sites.php has been been restored to sites.php.'
invalid-multisite: 'Invalid multisite, please create multisite using command drupal multisite:new "%s" "%s"'
invalid-db-url: 'Invalid database url, please provide a valid url like "mysql://dbUser:dbPass@dbHost/dbName"'
invalid-url-driver: 'Invalid database type, the Sqlite driver is not supported'
- description: 'Install a drupal project specifying installation type, language code, database configuration, site name, site email and admin credential settings'
execution: |
@@ -46,4 +49,13 @@ examples:
--account-name="admin" \
--account-mail="" \
- description: 'Install a drupal project using a mysql url'
execution: |
drupal site:install standard mysql://dbUser:dbPass@dbHost/dbName \
--langcode="en" \
--site-name="Drupal 8" \
--site-mail="" \
--account-name="admin" \
--account-mail="" \

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