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[aplication] Delete double quote in line of code message (#202)

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harold20 authored and jmolivas committed Apr 18, 2018
1 parent ea956dd commit df5445e9e3aeb98765162e7de8343f076665edbc
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ messages:
generated: 'Generated or updated files'
copied: 'Copied files'
lines-code: 'Generated lines: "%s"'
lines-code: 'Generated lines: %s'
path: 'Generation path'
route: "In order to to create pages it is necessary to define routes for them.\nA route maps a URL path to a controller. It defines what function\nor method will be called when a URL is accessed.\nIf the user accesses{{ route.path }}, the routing\nsystem will look for a route with that path. In this case it will find a\nmatch, and execute the _controller callback. In this case the callback is\ndefined as a classname\n(\"\\Drupal\\{{ module }}\\Controller\\{{ class_name }}\")\nand a method (\"{{ route.method }}\")."

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