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New arguments key and target. The translations adapted accordingly (#177

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LOBsTerr authored and jmolivas committed Apr 22, 2018
1 parent 8e6f429 commit f1788a089b1cd667a743a766e64fd80aca852601
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  1. +5 −4 translations/database.connect.yml
@@ -1,13 +1,14 @@
description: "Shows DB connection"
database: "Database key from settings.php"
key: "Database key from settings.php"
target: "Database target from settings.php"
database-not-found: 'Database "%s" connection info wasn''t found'
database-not-found: 'Database connection with key "%s" and target "%s" info wasn''t found'
database-not-supported: 'Database type "%s" is not supported yet'
database-client-not-found: 'Database client "%s" wasn''t found'
connection: 'Connection: "%s"'
- description: 'Connects to an specified database, or the default if not arguments passed'
- description: 'Connects to an specified database with key and target, or if no arguments default key and default target will be passed'
execution: |
drupal database:connect \
<key> <target>

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