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[generate:plugin:queue] Translation queueworker plugin generator. (#215)

* Translation queueworker plugin generator.

* Rename queue-id to plugin-id.

* Fix example.
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Eduardomoberti authored and enzolutions committed May 27, 2019
1 parent 9e3d67c commit fb70068552ba8d91b7d90e623ed39fd6a0b727bb
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  1. +25 −0 translations/generate.plugin.queue.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
description: 'Drupal Console Queueworker generator.'
help: 'The <info>generate:plugin:queue</info> command helps you generate a new queue worker plugin.'
welcome: 'Welcome to the Drupal Queue Worker Plugin generator'
module: 'The module name'
class: 'QueueWorker file name'
plugin-id: 'Plugin QueueWorker id'
cron-time: 'Cron time'
label: 'Queue description'
class: 'Enter the QueueWorker class name'
plugin-id: 'Enter the Plugin QueueWorker id'
cron-time: 'Enter the cron time to execute you queue'
label: 'Enter the Queue description'
- description: 'Generate a queue worker plugin specifying the module name, the class and its plugin id'
execution: |
drupal generate:plugin:queue \
--module="modulename" \
--class="PluginClassName" \
--plugin-id="plugin_class_name" \
--cron-time="30" \
--label="Example QueueWorker"
success: 'The Queueworker was generated successfully.'

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