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// GithubAPI.swift
// UIKit-Combine
// Created by Joseph Heck on 7/13/19.
// Copyright © 2019 SwiftUI-Notes. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import Combine
enum APIFailureCondition: Error {
case invalidServerResponse
struct GithubAPIUser: Decodable {
// A very *small* subset of the content available about
// a github API user for example:
let login: String
let public_repos: Int
let avatar_url: String
struct GithubAPI {
// NOTE(heckj): I've also seen this kind of API access
// object set up with with a class and static methods on the class.
// I don't know that there's a specific benefit to make this a value
// type/struct with a function on it.
/// externally accessible publsher that indicates that network activity is happening in the API proxy
static let networkActivityPublisher = PassthroughSubject<Bool, Never>()
/// creates a one-shot publisher that provides a GithubAPI User
/// object as the end result. This method was specifically designed to
/// return a list of 1 object, as opposed to the object itself to make
/// it easier to distinguish a "no user" result (empty list)
/// representation that could be dealt with more easily in a Combine
/// pipeline than an optional value. The expected return types is a
/// Publisher that returns either an empty list, or a list of one
/// GithubAPUser, and with a failure return type of Never, so it's
/// suitable for recurring pipeline updates working with a @Published
/// data source.
/// - Parameter username: username to be retrieved from the Github API
static func retrieveGithubUser(username: String) -> AnyPublisher<[GithubAPIUser], Never> {
if username.count < 3 {
return Just([]).eraseToAnyPublisher()
// return Publishers.Empty<GithubAPIUser, Never>()
// .eraseToAnyPublisher()
let assembledURL = String("\(username)")
let publisher = URLSession.shared.dataTaskPublisher(for: URL(string: assembledURL)!)
.handleEvents(receiveSubscription: { _ in
}, receiveCompletion: { _ in
}, receiveCancel: {
.tryMap { data, response -> Data in
guard let httpResponse = response as? HTTPURLResponse,
httpResponse.statusCode == 200 else {
throw APIFailureCondition.invalidServerResponse
return data
.decode(type: GithubAPIUser.self, decoder: JSONDecoder())
.map {
.replaceError(with: [])
// ^^ when I originally wrote this method, I was returning
// a GithubAPIUser? optional, and then a GithubAPIUser without
// optional. I ended up converting this to return an empty
// list as the "error output replacement" so that I could
// represent that the current value requested didn't *have* a
// correct github API response.
return publisher
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