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// HandleEventsPublisherTests.swift
// UsingCombineTests
// Created by Joseph Heck on 7/11/19.
// Copyright © 2019 SwiftUI-Notes. All rights reserved.
import XCTest
import Combine
class HandleEventsPublisherTests: XCTestCase {
func testHandleEvents() {
let publisher = PassthroughSubject<String?, Never>()
// this sets up the chain of whatever it's going to do
let cancellable = publisher
.handleEvents(receiveSubscription: { aValue in
print("receiveSubscription event called with \(String(describing: aValue))")
// this happened second:
// receiveSubscription event called with PassthroughSubject
XCTAssertNotNil(aValue) // type returned is a Subscription
}, receiveOutput: { aValue in
// third:
// handle events gives us an interesting window into all the flow mechanisms that
// can happen during the Publish/Subscribe conversation, including capturing when
// we receive completions, values, etc
print("receiveOutput was invoked with \(String(describing: aValue))")
XCTAssertEqual(aValue, "DATA IN")
}, receiveCompletion: { aValue in
// completion .finished were sent in this test
print("receiveCompletion event called with \(String(describing: aValue))")
}, receiveCancel: {
// no cancellations sent in this test
print("receiveCancel event invoked")
XCTFail("cancel should not be received in this test")
}, receiveRequest: { aValue in
print("receiveRequest event called with \(String(describing: aValue))")
// this happened first:
// receiveRequest event called with unlimited
XCTAssertEqual(aValue, Subscribers.Demand.unlimited)
.sink(receiveValue: { aValue in
// sink captures and terminates the pipeline of operators
print("sink captured the result of \(String(describing: aValue))")
publisher.send("DATA IN")
publisher.send(completion: .finished)
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