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// Mocker.swift
// Rabbit
// Created by Antoine van der Lee on 04/05/2017.
// Copyright © 2017 WeTransfer. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
/// Can be used for registering Mocked data, returned by the `MockingURLProtocol`.
public struct Mocker {
public enum HTTPVersion: String {
case http1_0 = "HTTP/1.0"
case http1_1 = "HTTP/1.1"
case http2_0 = "HTTP/2.0"
/// The shared instance of the Mocker, can be used to register and return mocks.
internal static var shared = Mocker()
/// The HTTP Version to use in the mocked response.
public static var httpVersion: HTTPVersion = HTTPVersion.http1_1
/// The registrated mocks.
private(set) var mocks: [Mock] = []
/// URLs to ignore for mocking.
private(set) var ignoredURLs: [URL] = []
private init() {
// Whenever someone is requesting the Mocker, we want the URL protocol to be activated.
/// Register new Mocked data. If a mock for the same URL and HTTPMethod exists, it will be overwritten.
/// - Parameter mock: The Mock to be registered for future requests.
public static func register(_ mock: Mock) {
/// Delete the Mock if it was already registered.
shared.mocks.removeAll(where: { $0 == mock })
/// Register an URL to ignore for mocking. This will let the URL work as if the Mocker doesn't exist.
/// - Parameter url: The URL to mock.
public static func ignore(_ url: URL) {
/// Checks if the passed URL should be handled by the Mocker. If the URL is registered to be ignored, it will not handle the URL.
/// - Parameter url: The URL to check for.
/// - Returns: `true` if it should be mocked, `false` if the URL is registered as ignored.
public static func shouldHandle(_ url: URL) -> Bool {
return !shared.ignoredURLs.contains(url)
/// Removes all registered mocks. Use this method in your tearDown function to make sure a Mock is not used in any other test.
public static func removeAll() {
/// Retrieve a Mock for the given request. Matches on `request.url` and `request.httpMethod`.
/// - Parameter request: The request to search for a mock.
/// - Returns: A mock if found, `nil` if there's no mocked data registered for the given request.
static func mock(for request: URLRequest) -> Mock? {
/// First check for specific URLs
if let specificMock = shared.mocks.first(where: { $0 == request && $0.fileExtensions == nil }) {
return specificMock
/// Second, check for generic file extension Mocks
return shared.mocks.first(where: { $0 == request })
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