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DialogFX adds fully-baked and flexible dialog box functionality to JavaFX 2.2+.

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UPDATE: DialogFX has been superseded by MonologFX, also incorporated into the JFXtras project (Labs). Please check it out, as MonologFX offers several new features that DialogFX didn't have: greater button flexibility, internationalization (i18n), and much more - all with a simple, streamlined interface. I'll be updating DialogFX on occasion, but only to "backport" a few key things from MonologFX. Thanks for your interest!

PLEASE NOTE: DialogFX is now incorporated into the JFXtras project. Please visit us there on GitHub for the latest code and JavaFX goodies!

DialogFX adds fully-baked and flexible dialog box functionality to JavaFX 2.2+.

Thanks for checking it out! JavaFX 2.x offers amazing capabilities, but rolling-your-own dialogs seems a bit tedious. I was inspired by Anton Smirnov's dialog project, but it seemed a bit dated...and I had ideas I just wanted to capture. So...I sat down & banged them out over the weekend. I'm finding this a useful addition to my toolbelt, and I hope you do, too.

Please feel free to take the code and do whatever you like with it, but if you have suggestions, I'd be glad to take them and incorporate all I can into the original code. You're also welcome to make changes and share them as well, but the goal is to make something very useful for most devs, not perfect for one...including me! Even if something doesn't work its way in there, it doesn't mean it isn't a good idea. And again, you're always welcome to mod your personal copy. That's the beauty of GitHub!

Looking forward to ideas, discussions, etc. Share to learn!

All the best, Mark Heckler @MkHeck

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