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A Chef cookbook to install StatsD.
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statsd Build Status


Installs and configures StatsD.



  • Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)
  • CentOS 6.3
  • CentOS 6.4


  • git
  • logrotate
  • nodejs


  • node["statsd"]["dir"] - Directory to install into.
  • node["statsd"]["conf_dir"] - Directory for StatsD configuration.
  • node["statsd"]["repository"] - Reference to a StatsD repository.
  • node["statsd"]["reference"] - Revision of repository to checkout.
  • node["statsd"]["log_file"] - Path to the StatsD log file.
  • node["statsd"]["flush_interval"] - Flush interval in milliseconds.
  • node["statsd"]["percent_threshold"] - Nth percentile value(s). Single value or array.
  • node["statsd"]["address"] - Address to bind StatsD to.
  • node["statsd"]["port"] - Port to run StatsD on.
  • node["statsd"]["mgmt_address"] - Address to bind the admin interface to.
  • node["statsd"]["mgmt_port"] - Port to run the admin interface on.
  • node["statsd"]["graphite_host"] - Graphite host.
  • node["statsd"]["graphite_port"] - Graphite port.
  • node["statsd"]["graphite_role"] - Graphite role for automatic discovery.
  • node["statsd"]["graphite_query"] - Graphite query for automatic discovery.
  • node["statsd"]["delete_idle_stats"] - Don't send values to graphite for inactive stats (default: false).
  • node["statsd"]["delete_timers"] - Don't send values to graphite for inactive timers (default: false).
  • node["statsd"]["delete_gauges"] - Don't send values to graphite for inactive gauges (default: false).
  • node["statsd"]["delete_sets"] - Don't send values to graphite for inactive sets (default: false).
  • node["statsd"]["delete_counters"] - Don't send values to graphite for inactive counters (default: false).
  • node["statsd"]["username"] - Will be used for process supervision (default: statsd).
  • node["statsd"]["debug"] - Log exceptions and print out more diagnostic info (default: false).
  • node["statsd"]["dump_messages"] - Print debugging information on incoming messages (default: false).
  • node["statsd"]["graphite"]["legacy_namespace"] - Flag to use legacy namespace (default: true).
  • node["statsd"]["graphite"]["global_prefix"] - Global prefix to use for sending stats to Graphite (default: stats).
  • node["statsd"]["graphite"]["global_suffix"] - Global suffix to use for sending stats to Graphite (default: ``).
  • node["statsd"]["graphite"]["prefix_counter"] - Graphite prefix for counter metrics (default: counters).
  • node["statsd"]["graphite"]["prefix_timer"] - Graphite prefix for timer metrics (default: timers).
  • node["statsd"]["graphite"]["prefix_gauge"] - Graphite prefix for gauge metrics (default: gauges).
  • node["statsd"]["graphite"]["prefix_set"] - Graphite prefix for set metrics (default: sets).
  • node["statsd"]["nodejs_bin"] - Specify a direct path to the Node.js binary (default: #{node["nodejs"]["dir"]}/bin/node).


  • recipe[statsd] will install StatsD.


Currently only supports installation via a Git repository.

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