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An IRC bot to display Unfuddle repository callbacks.

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Unfuddle Bot

This bot was made to display Unfuddle repository callbacks in an IRC channel.

Message Format

Incoming messages from Unfuddle expect the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <author-date type="datetime">2011-06-03T14:47:48+00:00</author-date>
  <author-id type="integer">55555</author-id>
  <author-name>Jimmy Dean</author-name>
  <committer-date type="datetime">2011-06-03T14:47:48+00:00</committer-date>
  <committer-id type="integer">55555</committer-id>
  <committer-name>Jimmy Dean</committer-name>
  <created-at type="datetime">2011-06-03T14:50:45+00:00</created-at>
  <id type="integer">2467352</id>
  <message>Bumping version to v1.0.2.</message>
  <repository-id type="integer">34211</repository-id>

Sample Configuration

Put the following within ~/.unfuddle-bot:

irc_nick: "unfuddle-bot"
irc_realname: "Unfuddle Bot"
irc_server: ""
irc_channels: ["#test", "#test2"]
callback_bind_ip: ""
callback_bind_port: 9000
unfuddle_domain: ""
unfuddle_username: "api_user"
unfuddle_password: "secret"


git clone git://
cd unfuddle-bot
rake install


unfuddle-bot start  # start the Unfuddle bot
unfuddle-bot stop   # stop the Unfuddle bot


  • If you want to track repositories across multiple projects, make sure that the API user has suitable permissions.
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