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Changes by version:
- Fixed issues with generics and JDK's prior to 1.6.0_25
- issue-402 : fix single collection instantiation
- issue-207 : added VariableIntegerConverter
- issue-310 : Collections Should Respect Converters
- issue-227 : BREAKS EXISTING CONVERTERS!!! changed Converter interface so convertCassTypeToObjType takes a PropertyMappingDefinition
- issue-246 : BREAKS EXISTING ANONYMOUS HANDLERS!!! changed anonymous property handling so the property value can be
any type. Also removed @Anonymous... method annotations in favor of a single
@AnonymousPropertyHandling at class level
- BREAKS EXISTING EntityManager (possibly) : It implemented javax.persistence.EntityManager, which has been removed - none of
the methods were implemented. deprecated save and load in favor of find and persist (because probably popular methods)
- added EntityManagerImpl.persist(Collection<Object> objColl) - the main advantage over persist(Object obj) is that
a single batch mutation will be used for performance
- added better exception handling when entity does not have default constructor
- fix bug: when mapping java collections, if property name different from column name, would not map correctly
- issue-326 : determineSerializer now uses SerializerTypeInferer from hector-core to pickup standard hector serializers
- bumped version to 2.0-01 for cassandra 1.0 release, just in case any specific ties to cassandra 1.0
- fixing inheritance issues (Issue #256). thx rrotmark
- updating to support Collection properties. This is implemented by saving the list elements within same Cassandra row as POJO.
- cleanup pom
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