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zznate committed Mar 5, 2013
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@@ -6,6 +6,24 @@ Changes by version:
Versions above 0.7.0-17 work well with cassandra's 0.7.* (after 0.7.0-beta2)
See object-mapper/CHANGELOG for HOM specifics
Configurable ACK size in locking impl @tnine
Bunch of stuff with Kerberos and related transport refactoring @thobbs
deleteColumn in ColumnFamilyUpdater now respects clock @memoleaf
Fix ClassNotFoundException when running from OSGi container @amichair
Fix issue in hasNext with ColumnFamilyResultsIterator see @ctcttest
ColumnSliceIterator now takes a filter @thrykol
Easier, more concise construction of KeyIterator @mastersenthilkumar
Support maximum connect time on a connections. @alcanzar
Documentation of comparator types and host parameters @akaidiot
RangeSliceIterator fix for SliceFilter support @thrykol
Cut idle connections after configurable timeout. This addresses firewall heisenbug-ish issue that I think a number of people
have hit in the past couple of months. Huge thanks to @dmdevito for the patch.
Add support for metrics library in HOpTimer @erezmazor
Updated guava version to 14.0 (Lauri Auvinen)
Upgrade Cassandra dependencies to 1.1.10
DynamiCompositeType now supported by SerializingTypeInferer @mebigfatguy

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