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# A very basic web server in CoffeeScript with node.js
# Serves any HTML/JS/CSS/TXT/JPG if found on the current folder.
# Original JavaScript code stolen from:
# Node.js for Front-End Developers by Garann Means (p. 9-10)
http = require "http"
path = require "path"
fs = require "fs"
port = 8000
serverUrl = ""
processRequest = (req, res) ->
now = new Date()
filename = if req.url is "/" then "/index.html" else req.url
ext = path.extname filename
localPath = __dirname
validExtensions = {
".html" : "text/html",
".js": "application/javascript",
".css": "text/css",
".txt": "text/plain",
".jpg": "image/jpeg",
".gif": "image/gif",
".png": "image/png"
isValidExt = validExtensions[ext]
if isValidExt
localPath += filename
path.exists localPath, (exists) ->
if exists
console.log "Serving file: #{localPath}"
getFile localPath, res, isValidExt
console.log "File not found: #{localPath}"
res.writeHead 404
console.log "Invalid file extension detected: #{ext}"
getFile = (localPath, res, mimeType) ->
fs.readFile localPath, (err, contents) ->
if !err
res.setHeader "Content-Length", contents.length
res.setHeader "Content-Type", mimeType
res.statusCode = 200
res.end contents
res.writeHead 500
console.log "Starting web server at #{serverUrl}:#{port}"
http.createServer(processRequest).listen port, serverUrl