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# Module dependencies.
express = require 'express'
path = require 'path'
ejs = require 'ejs'
http = require 'http'
{Logger} = require './util/logger'
siteRoutes = require './routes/siteRoutes'
blogRoutes = require './routes/blogRoutes'
logRoutes = require './routes/logRoutes'
authRoutes = require './routes/authRoutes'
app = express()
# Configuration
app.configure ->
app.set 'port', process.env.PORT || 3000
app.set 'views', path.join(__dirname, 'views')
app.set 'datapath', path.join(__dirname, 'data')
# Configure view engine options = '{{'
ejs.close = '}}'
app.set 'view engine', 'ejs'
app.use express.favicon()
app.use express.logger('dev')
app.use express.bodyParser()
app.use express.methodOverride()
app.use express.cookieParser('your secret here')
app.use express.session()
# static handler must come before app.router!
app.use express.static path.join(__dirname, 'public')
app.use app.router
# app.error (err, req, res, next) ->
# Logger.error err
# res.render '500.ejs', { status: 500, message: "TBD" }
app.configure 'development', ->
app.use express.errorHandler({ dumpExceptions: true, showStack: true })
app.configure 'production', ->
app.use express.errorHandler()
# Application settings
# TODO: make showDrafs depending on user logged in
app.set "dataOptions", {
dataPath: __dirname + "/data"
createDataFileIfNotFound: false
showDrafts: app.settings.env isnt "production"
# Routes
app.get '/', siteRoutes.home
app.get '/about', siteRoutes.about
app.get '/blog/new', blogRoutes.editNew '/blog/new', blogRoutes.saveNew
app.get '/blog/edit/:topicUrl', blogRoutes.edit '/blog/save/:id',
app.get '/blog/list', blogRoutes.viewAll
app.get '/blog/rss', blogRoutes.rssList
# Switch to viewRecent when blog list gets too long
app.get '/blog', blogRoutes.viewAll
app.get '/blog/:topicUrl', blogRoutes.viewOne
app.get '/logs/current', logRoutes.viewCurrent
app.get '/logs/:logDate', logRoutes.viewSpecific
app.get '/logs/', logRoutes.viewCurrent
app.get '/login/:key', authRoutes.loginConfirm
app.get '/login', authRoutes.loginGet '/login', authRoutes.loginPost
app.get '/logout', authRoutes.logout
app.get '*', siteRoutes.notFound
# Fire it up!
server = http.createServer(app)
port = app.get('port')
server.listen port, ->
address = "http://localhost:#{port}" "Express server listening on #{address} in #{app.settings.env} mode"