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January 19, 2023 12:48
January 17, 2023 21:38

Solr for newbies workshop

The repository contains the materials for the Solr for newbies workshop.

File has most of the material that we will cover during the workshop. In order to have a textual record of the commands to execute (along with their parameters and output) all the examples in this file are shown as executed via command line utilities like cURL. However, during the workshop we will use a combination of approaches, some steps will be executed through the command line while others will be done through the admin web page that Solr provides out of the box.

File tutorial.pdf has the same content as but in PDF format and it's downloadable.

File slides.pdf contains the slides used in the workshop to support the material in

File books.json has the sample data that we will use during the workshop.

File has instructions on how to install Solr directly on your machine (instead of using a Docker container).

Folder scripts/ has a few scripts that can be used to automate the steps of adding documents or fields to the Solr core used in the tutorial. These scrips just bundle the steps documented in