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The main objective of this project is to speed up the bootstrapping process using Twitter Bootstrap. Since we're civilized enough to use Emmet, we can do better.

###Included formulæ

  • Modal + button for it.
  • Tooltips - with its 4 forms.
  • Carousel - with 2 slides.
  • Collapse example.
  • Dropdown example.
  • Tabs - with content.

###Formulæ that should be included (possibly they'll be added soon)

  • (Waiting for ideas or suggestions)

####Credits Obviously, Twitter Bootstrap and Emmet. Also thanks to zClip for the copy to clipboard function.

####Resources For the development of this project has been used:


  1. How do I use these formulæ?

    • You need to have Emmet installed in your beloved code editor. Then copy the formula you want and paste it in a document .html (or one that behaves like it), use the command to expand the formula (usually just tab) and there you go!
  2. Why would I need these formulæ?

    • In case you're in a hurry and you'd like a cleaner version you can get from the Bootstrap examples. As a plus, they look smarter, according to my dog.
  3. ???

    • ... - May 21th, 2014

WTFPL License


Fórmulas de Emmet para componentes de Twitter Bootstrap



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