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2 Player Pong built using a node socket server
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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Note: Before starting the game, make sure that neither of player1.html, player2.html, or index.html are open. Also, socketserver.js should be restarted every time the game is run to make sure the game starts on both logins. \
Instructions: \
Replace the IP address in each of the files (index.html, player1.html, player2.html, pong.js) to your IP address (Search :3000 in your project to make this easier).\
From the hw7 root directory, follow this in order:\
On the command line: \
In hw7/socketserver:\
- Run 'node socketserver.js'\
In hw7/server\
- Run 'node server/server.js'\
In a browser: \
- Open localhost:8889/www/index.html \
On a mobile device: \
- Open localhost:8889/www/player1.html on one\
- Open localhost:8889/www/player2.html on another\
Log in on both devices: \
username: bob\
password: secret\
The game ends when the either player wins 20 points}
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