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Web Developer Applicant Exercise

To be considered for a developer position at Hedgeye, you must successfully complete these steps **

Please note: your code will be tested on Ruby 1.9.3 and the latest version of Chrome.

  1. Fork this repository
  2. In the why_hire_me directory
    • Add a file cover_letter.txt with cover letter type verbiage.
    • Fill out the questionnaire.txt and commit it
    • Anything else we should know. For example, one of your preferred development tools (editor, desktop app, etc.) and why you use it.
  3. In the simple_refactoring_exercise directory you will find some Ruby code that needs to be refactored.
    • An rspec spec is provided
    • Please refactor the implementation. Clarity and duplication are a given, flawed implementation is also likely.
    • Please note: feel free to change the specs, but they should all be passing when you turn in your code.
    • Leave a note about what you refactored and why. Calling specific named smells and specific named refactorings should be the norm.
  4. In the simple_public_timeline directory, please create a simple web app (use the Ruby framework of your choice. Suggestion: Sinatra is good for a tiny app like this) that looks close to the middle column in logged out state of the now defunct shown below Twitter public timeline
    • A headline with "Recent Public Tweets"
    • A smaller headline "What everyone on Twitter is talking about"
    • Displays 20 entries from twitter's public timeline. Use the data/API of your choice
      • For each entry, show the profile image, a link to the users profile, the tweet text, the time of the tweet, and source (i.e. "via Twitter for Android")
      • Barebones style is adequate. No need for nice CSS or text wrapping. But if you can do it, extra credit
    • Provide the previously described view in 2 ways
      1. Have the route / retrieve the Twitter data on the server side and then render
      2. Have the route /via_js retrieve the Twitter data with JavaScript and render it after the document loads
    • Required
      • .ruby-version, .ruby-gemset and Gemfile
      • at least 1 spec. More means extra credit
    • Tips
      • Do use gems, and JavaScript libraries.
      • If you are Ruby, JavaScript, and web development savvy, it shouldn't take you that long. A sample implementation, sans specs, is less than 100 lines of text total.
      • Don't get caught up on styling, that's what designers are for. But extra credit for improved styling, and/or looking like the original
      • Be careful with Twitter's rate limiting while testing.
      • Since Twitter retired the public_timeline, getting the last 20 entries is harder than it used to be. I suggest something like for ruby for access to sample ( There are other clever ways to get around that and a stream that looks like the old status
      • Write good code that you want people to see.
  5. Commit and Push your code to your fork
  6. Send a pull request, we will review your code and get back to you. If your GitHub profile does not include your name, please include your name in the pull request.

** The awesome idea of github pull request as job application task was previously done by Integrum here