Hibernate example showing the three ways of creating one-to-one associations
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Hibernate one-to-one example

This is an example of the three different ways of creating a one-to-one association between two entities. It contains a Customer entity, which has one-to-one associations to a UserProfile, MarketingPreferences and a Wistlist.

  1. Foreign key relationship. Customer has a foreign key to UserProfile.
  2. Shared primary key. The MarketingPreferences entity is set to use the same primary key as the customer, so its primary key is also a foreign key to the customer.
  3. Join table. Customer and wishlist are linked by a join table, appropriate if the association is optional.

The code creates an in memory database using HSQLDB. It is built using maven, so assuming you have maven installed, you can run the three tests with:

mvn test