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Added a warning about unsafe end points retained.

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1 parent 2e57103 commit 5e59c2fcd8ac005a3cf6a3a87d6fb3a9a1e916f5 @asehra asehra committed Mar 13, 2012
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@@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ This forks, refactors and [backports](#dspace "DSpace Version Support") the
For the most part, features have been fixed or cleanly removed.
+<strong>Please note</strong>
+that allowing use of some of the end points retained from the original design may be unwise.
+This may not be a good API
End Points
@@ -149,4 +153,5 @@ Known Limitations
* The [hard limit](#hardlimit "limits maximum number of items that can be rendered"):
* is applied only to items, and
* is not configurable.
+ * Cache header support poor. Ideally DSpace would expose a feed allowing upstream caches to be
+ invalidated when data changes.

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