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MouseFeed helps to form a habit of using keyboard shortcuts. When the user clicks on a button or on a menu item, the plugin shows a popup reminding about the key shortcut. After a few times, you remember the keyboard shortcut and you will start using it, rather than clicking through menus. This will save you a lot of time at the end of the day.

MouseFeed was originally hosted at SourceForge ( We have tried to contact the original developer, but we failed. For a lack of maintainer, Sigasi has adopted this project. We have fixed a few bugs, and we are now publishing it on the Eclipse Marketplace. Robert Wloch ported Mousefeed to Eclipse 4.x. We want to acknowledge and thank Andriy Palamarchuk and Heavy Lifting Software for starting the MouseFeed project back in 2007.

You can install Mousefeed from the p2 update site: