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Thanks to the efforts of Pavel (, you can now use Merb with Carl & Yehuda's awesome new gem bundler ( If you're working on a merb app, I would highly recommend trying this out and if it works ok, ditching the old thor tasks.
These steps are a work in progress so let us know how it works out for you. I'll try and get some pages up on the Merb wiki soon that has a better step by step tutorial.
First step, install bundler (latest 0.6.0)
gem install bundler
Install Merb 1.1 from Edge
git clone git://
cd merb
gem install rspec extlib # required for merb's rake install
New Project
# generate new project using merb 1.1
merb-gen app bookstore
cd bookstore
# create bundled app
gem bundle
# now you can run the bundled merb console
bin/merb -i
# you'll want to use bin/rake to use the app's rake tasks with the bundled gems
bin/rake -T
# you'll probably also want to install mongrel/thin to the bundle
echo 'gem "mongrel"' >> Gemfile
gem bundle
# now you can run bin/merb to start the server
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