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0.5.11 (July 14th, 2009)

  • fixing a bug Aman found with to_json on non-primitive Ruby objects and double-quoting in the JSON compat API

0.5.10 (July 13th, 2009)

  • Bugfix for the JSON gem compatibility API's default Object#to_json helper

0.5.9 (July 9th, 2009)

  • Bugfix for Yajl::Encoder where encoding a hash like {:a => :b} would get stuck in an infinite loop

0.5.8 (July 6th, 2009)

  • Bugfix in Yajl::HttpStream for proper handling of the Content-type header (Rob Sharp)
  • Yajl::Encoder now has an on_progress callback setter, which can be used to harness the encoder's streaming ability. ** The passed Proc/lambda will be called, and passed every chunk (currently 8kb) of the encoded JSON string as it's being encoded.
  • API CHANGE WARNING: Yajl::Encoder.encode's block will now be used as (and work the same as) the on_progress callback ** This means the block will be passed chunks of the JSON string at a time, giving the caller the ability to start processing the encoded data while it's still being encoded.
  • fixed grammatical error in README (Neil Berkman)
  • Added some encoder examples

0.5.7 (June 23rd, 2009)

  • You can now pass parser options (like :symbolize_keys for example) to Yajl::HttpStream.get
  • Refactored spec tests a bit, DRYing up the Yajl::HttpStream specs quite a bit.
  • Added a spec rake task, and spec.opts file
  • Updated and renamed rcov rake task, and added rcov.opts file

0.5.6 (June 19th, 2009)

  • Added JSON.default_options hash to the JSON gem compatibility API
  • Split out the JSON gem compatibility API's parsing and encoding methods into individually includable files ** the use case here is if you only want parsing, or only want encoding ** also, if you don't include encoding it won't include the #to_json overrides which tend to cause problems in some environments.
  • Removed some large benchmark test files to reduce the size of the packaged gem by 1.5MB!

0.5.5 (June 17th, 2009)

  • Introduction of the JSON gem compatibility API ** NOTE: this isn't a 1:1 compatibility API, the goal was to be compatible with as many of the projects using the JSON gem as possible - not the JSON gem API itself ** the compatibility API must be explicitly enabled by requiring 'yajl/json_gem' in your project ** JSON.parse, JSON.generate, and the #to_json instance method extension to ruby's primitive classes are all included
  • Fix Yajl::Encoder to ensure map keys are strings
  • Encoding multiple JSON objects to a single stream doesn't separate by a newline character anymore
  • Yajl::Encoder now checks for the existence of, and will call #to_json on any non-primitive object

0.5.4 (June 16th, 2009)

  • Yajl::Parser's :symbolize_keys option now defaults to false
  • remove use of sprintf for a little speed improvement while parsing

0.5.3 (June 7th, 2009)

  • The IO parameter for Yajl::Encode#encode is now optional, and accepts a block ** it will return the resulting JSON string if no IO is passed to stream to ** if a block is passed, it will call and pass it the resulting JSON string
  • Yajl::Parser#parse can now parse from a String as well as an IO
  • Added and updated lot of in-code documentation. ** all the C code exposed to Ruby should now have comments
  • Added :symbolize_keys option to the Yajl::Parser class, which defaults to true. ** Having this option enabled has shown around an 18% speedup in parsing time according to my benchmarks

0.5.2 (May 30th, 2009)

  • Added class helper methods Yajl::Encoder.encode(obj, io) and Yajl::Parser.parse(io)
  • added tests for the above
  • Updated Twitter streaming example to have a less verbose output
  • Patch Yajl so encoding can continue as a stream
  • IE: multiple objects encoded onto the same IO
  • added a test for the above
  • Set the internal read buffer size back down to 8kb by default
  • Added an internal write buffer size (set to 8kb by default) which is used to throttle writes to the output stream
  • This is to fix a major performance bug/issue with the IO#write C method in ruby 1.9.x (I've opened a bug with them about it)
  • Fixed a typo in a one-off parsing spec test
  • Updated benchmarks to work properly in 1.9 (required removal ActiveSupport benchmarking for now)
  • Updated spec tests to respect ridiculous differences in hash key ordering between 1.8 and 1.9

0.5.1 (May 25th, 2009)

  • added some more tests for the new API
  • inlined a couple of hot functions used in parsing for a little speedup
  • updates to readme, reflecting changes in API
  • version bump to push another gem build

0.5.0 (May 25th, 2009)

  • Refactored internal API so the caller can specify initialization options for the Parser and Encoder respectively. Two new classes were introduced as a result - Yajl::Parser and Yajl::Encoder. The newly refactored codebase is cleaner, thread-safe and removed all of the hack-code that was trickled around to make things work in the previous implementation. She's much more seaworthy now cap'n!
  • accepts two options, :allow_comments and :check_utf8 which both default to true
  • accepts two options, :pretty and :indent which default to false and " " respectively
  • cleaned up a lot of state code, that to my knowledge prevented yajl-ruby from being used in a thread-safe environment.
  • added deprecated messaging to Yajl::Stream.parse and Yajl::Stream.encode - these will likely go away before 0.6.0
  • fixed a bug in the chunked http response parser regarding partially received chunks
  • added a Twitter Search API example showing off the HttpStream API

0.4.9 (May 20th, 2009)

  • fixed some parser state bugs surfaced by edge cases
  • added support for Chunked HTTP response bodies in Yajl::HttpStream
  • added support for passing a block to Yajl::HttpStream.get that will be used as a callback whenever a JSON object is parsed off the stream (even if there is more than one!)
  • added an examples folder, and put an example using the Twitter Streaming API in there to start
  • added some more spec tests, this time around Chunked parsing and continuously parsing multiple JSON strings

0.4.8 (May 18th, 2009)

  • fixed a totally bone-head compilation problem, I created for myself ;)

0.4.7 (May 18th, 2009)

  • Bundling Yajl sources to remove the need to install them (and CMake) separately (Thank you Lloyd!!!) This means you can now simply install the gem and be off and running
  • Added some spec tests for Yajl::HttpStream
  • Added some spec tests for Yajl::Stream.encode
  • added some more thank you's, where credit's due - in the readme
  • updated the unicode.json file to reflect a "real-life" JSON response
  • reorganized spec tests into their functional areas
  • added an rcov rake task to generate code coverage output

0.4.6 (May 17th, 2009)

0.4.5 (May 17th, 2009)

  • added Yajl::Stream.encode(hash, io)
  • generates a JSON string stream, and writes to IO
  • compressed StreamWriter helpers added as well
  • fixed a pretty lame segfault in (x86_64 only?) ubuntu/linux
  • changed the compiled extension to have a more specific name (yajl_ext) for easier loading
  • removed forced-load of .bundle file, for the rest of the planet aside from OSX users
  • added some more benchmarks to compare to other forms of serialization in Ruby
  • various readme updates

0.4.4 (May 12th, 2009)

  • NOTE: Breaking API change:
  • renamed Yajl::GzipStreamReader to Yajl::Gzip::StreamReader
  • added Yajl::Bzip2::StreamReader
  • depends on the bzip2-ruby gem if you want to use it, if not Yajl::Bzip2 won't be loaded
  • added Yajl::Deflate::StreamReader
  • actually uses Zlib::Inflate for stream decompression
  • added parse(io) class methods to Yajl::Gzip::StreamReader and Yajl::Bzip2::StreamReader as a helper for parsing compressed streams.
  • updated Yajl::HttpStream to request responses compressed as deflate and bzip2 in addition to gzip
  • fixed a bug regarding parsing Integers as Floats (so 123456 would have be parsed and returned as 123456.0)
  • fixed a bug which caused a segfault in ruby's GC during string replacement in Yajl::Gzip and Yajl::Bzip2's StreamReader#read methods
  • added support for user-specified User-Agent strings in Yajl::HttpStream

0.4.3 (May 2nd, 2009)

  • adding text/plain as an allowed mime-type for Yajl::HttpStream for webservers that respond with it instead of application/json (ahem...Yelp...)
  • renamed specs folder to spec for no reason at all

0.4.2 (April 30th, 2009)

  • Yajl::HttpStream is now sending "proper" http request headers
  • Yajl::HttpStream will request HTTP-Basic auth if credentials are provided in the passed URI
  • cleanup requires

0.4.1 (April 30th, 2009)

  • fixed a typo in the stream.rb benchmark file
  • fixed a bug in Yajl::Stream.parse that was causing "strange" Ruby malloc errors on large files, with large strings
  • added Yajl::GzipStreamReader as a wrapper around Zlib::GzipReader to allow for standard IO#read behavior
  • this allows Yajl::Stream to read off of a Gzip stream directly

0.4.0 (April 29th, 2009)

  • NOTE: Breaking API change:
  • refactored Stream parsing methods out of Yajl::Native into Yajl::Stream
  • removed Yajl::Native namespace/module
  • Addition of Yajl::HttpStream module
  • This module is for streaming JSON HTTP responses directly into Yajl (as they're being received) for increased awesomeness
  • it currently supports basic get requests with Yajl::HttpStream.get(uri)
  • it also supports (and prefers) output compressed (gzip) responses
  • Addition Yajl::Chunked module
  • This module is for feeding Yajl JSON pieces at a time, instead of an entire IO object
  • This works very well in environments like an EventMachine app where data is received in chunks by design
  • decreased read buffer for Yajl::Stream from 8kb to 4kb

0.3.4 (April 24th, 2009)

  • turned Unicode checks back on in the Yajl parser now that it's fixed (thanks Lloyd!)
  • this also bumps the yajl version dependency requirement to 1.0.4
  • better guessing of Integer/Float from number found instead of just trying to create a BigNum no matter what
  • changed extconf.rb to fail Makefile creation if yajl isn't found
  • added a test to check for parsing Infinity due to a Float overflow

0.3.3 (April 24th, 2009)

  • 1.9 compatibility

0.3.2 (April 24th, 2009)

  • version bump: forgot to include yajl.c in the gem

0.3.1 (April 23rd, 2009)

  • fixed borked gemspec

0.3.0 (April 23rd, 2009)

  • slight refactor of ActiveSupport tests to better reflect how they actually exist in ActiveSupport
  • typo correction in the changelog which had the years in 2008
  • added some initial spec tests
  • ported some from ActiveSupport to ensure proper compatibility
  • included 57 JSON fixtures to test against, all of which pass
  • changed parser config to not check for invalid unicode characters as Ruby is going to do this anyway (?). This resolves the remaining test failures around unicode.
  • changed how the parser was dealing with numbers to prevent overflows
  • added an exception class Yajl::ParseError which is now used in place of simply printing to STDERR upon a parsing error
  • renamed a couple of JSON test files in the benchmark folder to better represent their contents
  • misc README updates

0.2.1 (April 23rd, 2009)

  • fixed parsing bug - also fixed failing ActiveSupport test failures (except for the unicode one, which is an issue in Yajl itself)

0.2.0 (April 22nd, 2009)

  • updated gemspec and README

0.1.0 (April 21st, 2009)

  • initial release - gemified