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Heedy Fitbit Integration

This plugin automatically syncs all of your Fitbit data with Heedy.

It guides you through setting up a fitbit app key, and handles all authentication for you.

Screenshot of sleep data Screenshot of heart-rate data Screenshot of weight data

Supported fitbit data

Available in this plugin

  • Steps
  • Raw heart rate
  • Sleep stages
  • Body data (weight, body fat, BMI)

Missing but possible (contributions welcome!)

  • Activities
  • Food
  • Resting heart rate (derivable from raw heart rate)
  • Heart rate variability (derivable from raw heart rate)

Currently not available in the Fitbit API (status 05/2022)

  • SpO2
  • Skin temperature
  • EDA
  • Breathing rate


git clone
cd heedy-fitbit-plugin

The plugin zip file will be created at dist/heedy-fitbit-plugin-{VERSION}.zip. It can be installed by uploading to heedy from the UI.


To develop the plugin, create a heedy database, run the build in debug mode (which watches files for changes and auto-updates them), and link the build to heedy's plugin directory:

heedy create testdb
mkdir testdb/plugins
make debug
# In a different terminal (since make debug watches files):
ln -s ${pwd}/dist/fitbit ./testdb/plugins/fitbit

At this point, you should edit testdb/heedy.conf to add the fitbit plugin. Any changes you make to the Python files require a heedy restart.