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Releases: heedy/heedy

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This is a minor release, focusing on bugfixes and small quality of life updates. It is a drop-in replacement all the way back to 0.4.0.


  • Fixed a rare issue of a write transaction failing before it can upgrade from read to write lock when another writer comes in
  • Added explicit static asset caching and a serviceworker - there used to be issues getting browsers to see updates to plugins due to caching. This should now be fixed
  • The frontend is now more robust to websocket failure, and it can recognize that its data is old when resuming from sleep on macs and ipads.
  • Heedy now has a development mode activated by --development flag for easier work with the cache when editing plugins
  • Plugins can be added to heedy when creating a database
  • Frontend now has titlebars that reflect the visited page
  • Logging was updated, and log levels/logging to a directory are now supported; the default log level was changed to info.
  • Other minor bugfixes
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This release focused on CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) of timeseries data from the frontend. Heedy now supports editing/deleting data in timeseries from the frontend, and has a cleaner custom query UI. This fills in the basic core features which were missing in the initial release.


  • Data Editor - Existing data can now be edited/removed from the UI, by double-clicking on its row in the data table
  • Timeseries Query Range - Custom queries for timeseries ranges now show a calendar, allowing easy use!
  • Upgraded Notifications - Notifications can now display forms, and can have buttons that toggle actions in a plugin. There is also a new "toolbar" notification type, allowing plugins to display actions without needing custom javascript.
  • Menu API - Objects/Users/Apps now all have menus, and plugins can add their own elements to these menus.
  • Mobile App Mode - Heedy now has UI support for mobile app mode (thanks to @lyonzy with #354)
  • Docker Image - There are now docker images available (thanks to @ShaddyDC with #342)
  • Bugfixes - Several issues were fixed, including a fix for a server panic on certain query ranges.

Heedy 0.5.0 is a drop-in replacement for 0.4.0!

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This is the first full release of heedy. It provides the core architecture and plugin system on top of which apps and plugins can be developed. Heedy is meant to be a basic framework, so it does not come with much functionality and integrations built-in. Instead, it is meant to be used with the plugins.

The next areas of focus for the project are documentation, integrations, and ease of use. While there should be no more breaking changes in heedy's core database, the plugin API might be tweaked a bit throughout documentation writing. For the most part, things that are documented on should be relatively stable.

Docker and Raspberry Pi builds are slated for 0.4.1 release

Main Changes from Alpha

  • Documentation - Heedy's main strength is its extensibility. In order for the plugin system to be usable, it needs to be well-documented. There is a new website being built for documentation,, which will iteratively gain content throughout the 0.4.x release cycle.
  • PipeScript & Datasets - Heedy now comes with a powerful timeseries data-analysis engine built-in. With it, you can now correlate separate timeseries, and perform advanced analysis tasks with a relatively simple interface!
  • Speed & Efficiency - The timeseries backend was rewritten to allow much faster inserting/querying, and support for compression was added, making the database smaller and allowing things to load much faster on slow connections.
  • Bugfixes - As with all alpha releases, the previous alpha has several big bugs, which are now fixed.

This release is NOT compatible with databases created by alpha 1

Main changes from ConnectorDB

  • Simplicity - Heedy is a single executable, and automatically sets up a database for you when run. No more need to keep track of postgres/redis executables.
  • Extensibility - There is a powerful plugin system, that allows you to alter both the backend and frontend's functionality in arbitrary ways. Adding plot types, APIs or integrations is just a bit of Python or javascript code away.
  • Architecture - Heedy was rewritten from scratch around a plugin system, so the opportunity was taken to fix many of ConnectorDB's flaws, including the ability to delete/modify timeseries data

This release is NOT compatible with ConnectorDB databases. If you have data in ConnectorDB, an upcoming (future) version of heedy will have the ability to import it.

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Note: This alpha release of heedy is not compatible with the upcoming 0.4 release. New users are recommended to wait for full 0.4 release, which should come around June 2021.

The first heedy alpha. There will be rough edges, and some things might be quite buggy. However, it will give you an idea of where this project is going. After downloading the executable for your platform, run it:

chmod +x ./heedy

You can then go to http://localhost:1324, where you can set up your database.

To get the full experience, install the plugins, since Heedy doesn't come with much built-in functionality:

  • fitbit - sync fitbit with heedy
  • notebook - use jupyter notebooks within heedy

Make sure you have Python >=3.7 installed, and in PATH, since both plugins require it!

Much of heedy is currently undocumented, so the next push will be towards bugfixes, documentation, and further integrations. Currently, there is no support for Windows, but it is on the roadmap.

Alpha releases make no guarantee of upgradeability

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ConnectorDB 0.3's development came with a lot of lessons about what is really needed for such a system. These lessons unfortunately require a total redesign. 0.3 is therefore the final CDB version before a ground-up rewrite. This rewrite is expected to take well over a year, so this release is the official version until then.

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This is the first public alpha of ConnectorDB. There will be rough edges, and there might be crashes. There might also be security issues. Use at your own risk.

EDIT 2017: Do not use this release. Please use prerelease versions from the website until 0.3.0 is released! This version is ancient!

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Stable enough to gather data!

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Can start gathering data with this version

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The basics are running, and the API is working.