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Defeat the aliens with some PyGame Zero
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pygame invaders worksheet


It began in a galaxy far far away...actually it didn't really but started here on Earth.

One morning an multiple alien ships were suddenly detected over towns and cities worldwide. Whilst the various defence systems world wide were able to handle this first wave, they started to slowly be eradicated by the aliens and a new generation were required to step up but they needed to be trained.

This is where you come onboard and help to create a simple training simulator to defend the planet.

This project is a simple worksheet to introduce basic Python and PyGame Zero game mechanics.

It's based upon the Pygame Zero Invaders article wrote by Mark Vanstone ( that was published in issue 74 of the MagPi Magazine:

Whilst this is Windows worksheet anyone with a Raspberry Pi should be able to complete it fine using Thonny instead of Visual Studio Code.

Linux users can install Visual Studio Code and complete the worksheet as well....Look I know it's by Microsoft but it's actually not that bad to use. If your not ready for that then use what ever text editor takes your fancy :)

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