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@@ -104,3 +104,23 @@ the treadmill I need to find a way to be able to do without getting distracted.
**Muscular fatigue** Not relevant
**Location** Providence
+#### Day 19
+**Distance** 4.16k
+**Breathing** A little bit hyperventilated
+**Pain** None
+**Thirst** None
+**Muscular fatigue** Not relevant
+**Location** Treadmill
+#### Day 20
+**Distance** 10k
+**Breathing** Very good
+**Pain** None
+**Thirst** Significant
+**Muscular fatigue** Not relevant
+**Location** Treadmill
+I ran at a good pace throughout the run and did at sprint at the end, finishing at 15km/h with an average of 12.2km/h,
+4:55m pace. Felt very strong.

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