Small script to get random, stable emoji in your bash prompt.
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This is small bash script that you can use to get emoji in your prompt.

  • A terminal's emoji stays static for an hour.
  • Every terminal gets a different, random emoji every hour.
  • Random emoji are chosen from sets based on time of day.

For example:

# Morning
🍳 08:00:00~ $

# Daytime
🍄 14:00:00~ $

# Lunch
🍣 13:15:00~ $

# Back to daytime
📚 16:00:00~ $

# Afternoon snack
🍫 20:30:00~ $

# Evening drinks
🍺 22:00:00~ $

# Late night
🌃 03:00:00~ $


Drop this file somewhere, like your home dir:

curl '' > ~/

If you import that into your ~/.bashrc, it'll give you a bash function CURRENT_EMOJI that you can incorporate into your prompt. Because the emoji change over time, you can't just set $PS1 env var. You need to define a bash function to set it. For example, in your ~/.bashrc:

. ~/
    PS1="$(CURRENT_EMOJI) \u@\h $ "

Which will give you prompts like:

🍹 heewa@airwa3 $

If you don't want the dark comma-ish suffix, or want to add it yourself, you can get just the emoji with $(CURRENT_EMOJI_RAW) and the suffix with $EMOJI_SUFFIX, used like:

If you're already using a function, you can similarly add it to that. For example, I customized bash-git-prompt to add emoji (and a few other small changes), by following the instructions, and placing the CURRENT_EMOJI fn call inside one of their prompt-portions:


And now my prompt looks like: