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Contributing to Catharsis

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Catharsis! Please follow these simple guidelines to make the process easier for everyone.

  1. Code Style: Follow the predominant code style in the file you're editing.
  2. Unit Tests: Write some! It's especially critical to write unit tests if you're changing the PEG.js grammar or fixing a bug. Your code must also pass all existing unit tests (or, if your code changes Catharsis' behavior, you must update the tests to reflect the new behavior).

    Catharsis uses Mocha and should for tests. Type npm test to run the tests.

  3. JSHint Clean: Make sure your code, including unit tests, passes the JSHint checks in the project's .jshintrc file. PEG.js-generated code is exempt.
  4. Generated Code: Don't forget to regenerate the parser code after you edit the PEG.js grammar. Type npm run-script prepublish to regenerate the code.
  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Avoid using APIs that are specific to a particular JavaScript environment, including Node.js, unless there are readily available cross-platform shims for those APIs.
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